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Semantic Search

Our plugin offers a semantic search feature called SearchGPT.

You can use this feature to enhance the search functionality of your website.

To use the SearchGPT feature, you must have a Pinecone or Qdrant API key entered under the Embeddings - Settings page.

You can learn how to setup Pinecone here.

You can learn how to setup Qdrant here.

SearchGPT uses OpenAI embeddings and vector database integration to provide a powerful semantic search experience.

Semantic search is a type of search that uses machine learning algorithms to understand the intent behind a search query and find results that are related to that intent, rather than just matching specific keywords.

To use the SearchGPT feature, simply copy the following shortcode and paste it into the page or post where you want to show the search box:


Once you've added the shortcode, you can customize the SearchGPT feature from the Settings - SearchGPT page.

Here, you can customize the placeholder message, font size, font color, border color, background color, width, and height for the search box.

You can also customize the results, including the number of nearest results (from 1 to 5), font size, font color, background color, and in-progress background color.