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User Testimonials

Very useful - ★★★★★

very useful plugin with perfect support. grateful

Aysunibryamov5, February 28, 2024

Amazing plugin, with amazing support - ★★★★★

Honestly, I would keep secret the potential of this plugin, but I don't want to challenge the Universe by being selfish and I'll be sincere recommending it to anyone aimed to make good use of it...

Diego Carmenati, February 25, 2024

AI Power makes the blog sing. - ★★★★★

After installing the AI power plugin I have enabled CHAT Bot and Scheduled blog posts. This feature alone has saved me countless hours. I really appreciate AI Power and the time it has saved me.

Mike, October 24, 2023

Very useful, completely awesome - ★★★★★

Thank you for your work for this carefully developed AI Power plugin giving a soul to the wordpress website 😉 I recommend this essential purchase to anyone who wants to integrate artificial intelligence into their web platform !

@vpstudios, July 18, 2023

The best GPT plugin and great support - ★★★★★

A plugin with great functionality. Charge and bring your site to a new level. There is all necessary documentation for setup. Just a chic support service that really works and helps. I recommend!

@indy01, July 18, 2023

Best of them all - ★★★★★

I will stick to AI Power unless it's broken.

@Admin, July 12, 2023

Marvelous - ★★★★★

I never had one like this before. Great and useful.

@Mark John, July 8, 2023

Awesome. - ★★★★★

This plugin is super useful for integrating ChatGPT into your site. Even if you’re new to AI, this looks easy to get started with. And if you already know what you’re doing, it’s awesome. Connect it to your Pinecone account and you can easily create embeddings via this plugin. And then tap into those embeddings to customize what your bot knows. There’s also automation for integrating your web pages, writing product descriptions, moderating visitor content, etc. I’ve worked with a couple plugins and standalone apps, and this is the best I’ve found. It’s easy to use, very well documented, and has everything I can imagine wanting.

@lhek, July 7, 2023

Very great product - ★★★★★

Excellent team and excellent plug-in!

@cclarkson2017, July 3, 2023

Excellent Use of AI - ★★★★★

This plugin is an excellent example of GPT AI integration with WordPress. It will open many possibilities with WordPress.

@milap, June 30, 2023

It is amazing plugin ever. - ★★★★★

why dont you use this plugin?

@iphonedesune, June 24, 2023

Amazing user-friendly tech that elevated my website - ★★★★★

It’s a fantastic plugin!

My initial aim was to integrate some advanced AI features onto my site, but as someone who doesn’t know anything about AI programming I didn’t think I could. But AI Power was as easy as installing any other plugin, and just like that, my website was AI-powered. The functionality has been flawless.

What truly stands out, though, is their support service. On my first AI project I didn’t really know how to go about it – no fault of the plugin, just my own confusion – and the support team responded immediately, going above and beyond with their assistance, practically configuring the whole project for me. Their customer service is top-tier, and it made my whole experience with AI easy.

And now my website is cutting edge! (thanks to AI Power)

@carolynsknight, June 14, 2023

AI forms changed my life - ★★★★★

I wanted to build small apps powered with chatGPT to help my clients with their marketing.

When it came to website integration or app development, it was a nightmare.

When I discovered AI power pack, I could build my own forms with my own prompts to integrate my apps on my website in seconds.

This is a powerful tool and I am quite sure I am still not aware of all it will bring to my business.

@raylow77710, June 7, 2023

A great plugin - ★★★★★

This plugin saves me a lot of time! Works great and is constantly updated.

@Admin, June 6, 2023

Very Useful tool - ★★★★★

This is a very useful tool for the uninitiated and experienced users. By incorporating chatGPT to my website has been simple and works well.

@kennangle, June 3, 2023

Fantastic job! - ★★★★★

You’ve done a fantastic job! Your plugin is truly impressive and user-friendly.It stands out with its functionality, design, and ease of use. Your efforts are commendable ! Using this plugin is truly a delight. Well done, you’ve done a remarkable job!

@fatih-toprak, May 29, 2023

trust me this is the best one - ★★★★★

It help me a lot, thanks for the most convenient plugin

@donbaclieu, May 20, 2023

Es genial!! - ★★★★★

Estoy realmente encantado con este plugin. Es una herramienta en pleno crecimiento… Igual que la IA 😉 y hay actualizaciones de mejora casi diarias.. Un gran trabajo. Gracias

@fjsm, May 19, 2023

Amazing! - ★★★★★

Simple yet incredible plugin!

@airfryerpros, May 19, 2023

It is an incredibly powerful plugin - ★★★★★

With this plugin you can cancel your subscription to Jasper, Writesonic, and others writing apps based on AI. All are includes in GPT AI Power for WordPress. The chatbot can be train with the data of your website and answers with the data of your website. So you can cancel your subscription to others chatbot plugins with “visual programming”.

It is an incredibly powerful plugin !!!

@chrisagon, May 15, 2023

An excellent plugin - ★★★★★

I am impressed with your work, thank you for everything

@samo73, May 14, 2023

Its Amazing AI Tool - ★★★★★

after reading this post, i installed this tool in my wordpress and try to write some article. I only use this plugin for 15 minutes and its looking amazing as of now. The final result will come when I used it for long time.

@kindattentionplease, May 11, 2023

AI Power – Propelling Metaby Group into the Future - ★★★★★

The AI Power plugin has been a revelation for The upgrade has further amplified the capabilities of my site, enabling it to better serve our customers and meet business objectives. The features are advanced yet user-friendly, providing an excellent balance that makes it a pleasure to use. The investment in the upgrade has already paid dividends in terms of enhanced user experience and increased productivity. The decision to upgrade was a strategic move that has positively influenced the trajectory of Metaby Group.

@stephanedeguire, May 10, 2023

The most amaing plugin in WordPress - ★★★★★

This is truly a plugin, I’m really impressed with. It just produced 15 professional blog entries within 45 minutes. It’s amazing.

I also found out how to teach the plugin to the website as well. I want to all important pages and explained what it was.

I also went to the shop and explained what each virtual) product was, how it’s going to be implemented and what the work actually is (presented by the virtual product in the shop).

Then I added new functionality, so that it only enriches my ‘hand-made’ blog entries with handy things like FAQs, external and internal references!

And here I hit a snag, or two snags, actually. Its knowledge is too old (from 2018!) and the internal links were dummies. Maybe wishful thinking, but the actual URLs were all wrong. But I looked at the titles of those references and they truly made sense. So I let it generate the blog entries itself, and voila, great additional posts.

It’s scary to work with the AI. I ask it more complex questions, and guess what? It delivers. I understand with all of that that most people working in offices will be replaced by AI. Also, all medical doctors and professors and many researchers. Actually, everyone working with at lest a high-school diploma can be replaced. And that includes designers and programmers too, especially the scripters and coders.

As I said, scary. In the next two-three years we’ll see it happen, count my words.

The future of WordPress is very clear to me. If they incorporate the AI into the WP engine, many people will be without a job and creating a website is something easy to do and finished within a couple of hours.

@wimvincken, May 7, 2023

Great Plugin, Minimal Learning Curve - ★★★★★

No issues so far. Lots of features in the free version, but planning to upgrade soon. There are no plugin conflicts or site slow-down that I can determine; I’m using a paid caching plugin, and (so far) I’m using this plugin only on the backend. The ability to adjust the prompts is great! Kudos to the dev 🙌

@qwirkii, May 3, 2023

Don’t get it - ★★★★★

Don’t get it, don’t install it. And if you do, don’t talk about it. You’ll give away all the secret competitive advantages and pretty soon, everyone will offer listening and talking AI bots on their sites. So just keep quiet.

@rnikoley, May 2, 2023

Amazing AI Tool – It’s Magic - ★★★★★

This tool is like a dream come true for content writers, bloggers, and students. It’s unbelievable that creating content is just a click away, and providing absolutely meaningful content. It’s magic!

@ashish-verma, May 2, 2023

Super plugin - ★★★★★

this plugin allows users to improve their text, save time, and open up a whole world of possibilities

@tymigsk, April 30, 2023

Perfect GPT plugin - ★★★★★

By far the most capable and reasonably priced of all the GPT plugins I’ve researched so far. You can fully integrate it into your website, and it stands out from other competitors with its Index Builder and Embedding features. I would definitely recommend it.

@dipnotakademi, April 28, 2023

A must have for every site - ★★★★★

The moment I saw this I took the PRO license instantly. Had some unclarified things and support was almost instant. Plugin works perfect, no issues, no conflicts (on a 50 plugin site). Highly recommended!

@cosmindan22, April 27, 2023

Great, just great - ★★★★★

The world has changed

@c3media, April 22, 2023

GPT AI Power – Adding Value to the Industry - ★★★★★

I cant begin to describe the added functionality this plugin adds to a website. The main purpose for this plugin is to add a ChatGPT powered chatbot to a website, but apart from that, this plugin goes much further by allowing you to create AI posts, provides article title suggestions, upload embedment’s from custom post types and more, all you need is an API key from OpenAI and you are up and running with AI functionality on your site.

@johnnipalma5, April 19, 2023

WordPress Wizardry! - ★★★★★

GPT AI Power: Complete AI Pack has been a blessing for my WordPress projects! It streamlines tasks, generates content effortlessly and makes managing my site a breeze. Love it!

@oppi_, April 19, 2023

The most powerful WordPress AI plugin - ★★★★★

I’ll preface by saying that I am a full time SEO. I’ve tried all the major AI content plugins but this one is by far the best. What you can do with it is absolutely mind boggling…I am still trying to wrap my head around it!

@jamesbanksco, April 19, 2023

Plugin works great. - ★★★★★

ChatGPT itself is quite expensive, but this plugin works great for my intension.

@iofenglish, April 18, 2023

The GOAT of plug-ins! MUST HAVE - ★★★★★

This is probably my 2nd review in 10 years but what this plug in did for me was worth my 5 minutes. My life will never be the same! Thank you for giving me my life back my family thanks you! Must download unless you like spending hours in front of a computer, the auto content feature is amazing. Set it and forget it, Keep the updates coming please!! Need to add add links to content on page feature.

@lexdrama, April 16, 2023

Best AI content writing out there - ★★★★★

Excellent plugin with support for OpenAI multiple models (including GPT4 beta testers).

@jigglypuffz, April 16, 2023

Perfect! Amazing, Showstopping… - ★★★★★

I wanted to take advantage of this tool to unblock writer’s block, to give my users access to GPT-4, and upgraded to support the development of the tool. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

@jobhuntmode, April 16, 2023

this is great - ★★★★★

Love it

@madartaistore, April 14, 2023

First Review, it’s worth it! - ★★★★★

I want to start out by saying this is the only review I have ever felt lead to leave for a plugin.

This by far is the most feature packed, and easy to use ai plugin on WordPress. With daily updates it’s continuously evolving based on our feedback.

You can now allow token purchasing and limit setting directly within WordPress which is incredibly helpful. I absolutely recommend this app as your one-stop-shop for all your ai needs on WordPress.

@humblevibe, April 14, 2023

Regularly updated - ★★★★★

A lot of features and totally free, daily updated with new things. Nice work.

@waqasnu1, April 7, 2023