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Title Suggester

One of the critical aspects of content creation is crafting an engaging title, and this is where AI Power's Title Suggester shines.

This feature integrates seamlessly with your WordPress website, offering AI-generated title suggestions for your posts, pages, and even WooCommerce products.

These title suggestions not only captivate your audience but also align with the context of your content, significantly reducing the time you spend brainstorming for titles.

Generating Title Suggestions for Posts

  • To generate title suggestions for your blog posts, navigate to the Posts - All Posts.
  • Hover over the post you want a title suggestion for, and click on the Suggest Title button.
  • A popup will then appear, offering five unique title suggestions generated by the AI.
  • You can browse through these and select the title that best suits your content.
  • Click on the Use This button to automatically update your post's title with the selected suggestion.

Generating Title Suggestions for Pages

Similarly, you can generate title suggestions for your website's pages.

  • Navigate to Pages - All Pages.
  • Just like you did with posts, hover over the page for which you'd like a title suggestion and click on the Suggest Title button.
  • Again, a popup will appear with five AI-generated title suggestions.
  • Choose the one that resonates most with the page content and click on the Use This button to update the title of your page.

Generating Title Suggestions for WooCommerce Products

If you're using WooCommerce, the Title Suggester feature also extends to your product listings.

  • Go to Products - All Products.
  • Hover over the product for which you want a title suggestion, then click on the Suggest Title button.
  • A popup with five title suggestions will appear. Review the suggested titles, select the one you prefer, and click on the Use This button.
  • The product title will be instantly updated.

In summary, the Title Suggester feature of AI Power simplifies the process of crafting compelling titles for your WordPress content, be it posts, pages, or WooCommerce products.

By using AI-generated suggestions, you can enhance the appeal of your content, capture your audience's attention, and optimize your time and effort in content creation.